Bells Beach - Wayne Murphy

Photo: High tide Bells means Little Rincon. This is as it was on a trip in 2011. 

Easter for many surfers in Australia means Bells Beach for the annual Rip Curl Pro. In 1976 Ian Cairns finished in second place at Bells behind Jeff Hakman. Ian crashed his new sports car into a forest of gum trees at Jan Juc that night after drinking too much vino. A cautionary tale. Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter weekend. Don't drink and drive. Cheers.

IAN: I got my little Bell trophy and a thousand bucks for second place. I celebrated that night at the pub and drank way too much wine. I was blowing off steam for having come second. I hated being runner-up. We were heading off to a party after the pub closed. Paul Neilsen told me the secret to drink driving was to have a glass of water on the dashboard. He said if it spills you know you are driving badly. Somehow I threw this big fucking wheelie and went across the road into a ditch. I used my speed to power out of it but flew across the other side of the road and hit an embankment. The glass of water was long gone. My Torana was like a plane launching off this embankment into a tree. There were branches coming through the windows and the windscreen. Rory Russell is screaming terrified, and my West Aussie mate Chris Fulston is yelling “Fuck you Kanga!” I am thinking, yeah, you fucking idiot Kanga. City Motors made it easy for me alright, to nearly kill everyone and write off my new car. It was badly smashed up. It was a miracle none of us got hurt. It certainly wasn’t one of my finer moments. Pic - Jeff Divine