KANGA Book - a history of Pro Surfing - PRE-SALE

The KANGA book has taken Wayne Murphy and I over three years of hard work and multiple re-writes. It's fundamentally a History of Pro Surfing through my eyes and through the eyes of many of my peers, both friend and foe. We have decided to break it into two Volumes.....my competitive career and my administrative career. It's quite a journey. 

Volume 1 will ship on April 16th and is available as a pre-sale now and Volume 2 will ship on August 1st, also available as a pre-sale now. Each Volume is $25.00.

The video has images from 1975, when I won the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational at 25' Waimea, beating Michael Ho and Rory Russell. The board I rode for that win was the white 8'6" BK swallowtail gun in the photos, alongside my Parrish fleet. The Snapback photo is from Steve Wilkings and represents the beginnings of breaking the straight line in the 70's.

The KANGA book is a good read. We hope you like it.