About Kanga - West Oz Book Launch

About Kanga - The Trials and Triumphs of Ian Cairns is an adventure story, sports biography and surf history wrapped into one. Professional surfing was embryonic in the early 1970s when Ian “Kanga” Cairns emerged from the isolation of Western Australia to test himself in Hawaii’s powerful surf. A core group of the world’s best surfers were enthusiastic and hungry like Ian. They dreamt of travelling to different countries feasting on perfect waves while sharing fun times and the spoils of their imagined success. Against the odds they forged ahead and made pro surfing happen. This project tells of their journey. It is an inside story of how surfing grew from an off-beat pastime in the 1950s to become globally popular and one of the most unlikely sports in the world today. Ian Cairns provides a firsthand account of numerous obstacles faced as his dream to make surfing more than just a lifestyle became reality. Famous surf champions and great rivals contribute in these two books.

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